//Your parenting toolbox.

Your parenting toolbox.

How do you think about the ways you know how to deal with stuff, how you know what to do and what to try in different situations? I think of it as a toolbox, and all the things I know are my tools and as I get better at using them I can adjust them to different situations.

It’s not just in parenting, but because part of my work is helping parents have a closer and better relationship with their kids, that’s what we will talk about here.

I often hear, and get the feeling that many parents think they are supposed to just know how to parent. Alternatively many go on auto pilot and do pretty much what their parents did, more or less. 

Most people can be wonderful parents, and to parent with intention there are some tools you will want to have in your tool box and as you get more and more confident in using them, you will be able to combine them and use them across topics effortlessly. 

In this short video I want to tell you some functions I think your parenting tools should be able to do. 

First, as a centered and intentional parent, you will want to have some tools to take care of yourself. You want to have ways to wind down, energize, focus and nurture. It can be exercises, activities, rituals or even food. You will probably use a combination of things and do them regularly. I often talk about the importance of putting on your own mask before helping others, like in a plane, and having self care tools is for that exactly. 

The same or similar tools you use to take care of yourself are then of course used for your kids. Knowing how to soothe, wind down, energize, support, listen to, encourage, nourish and keep safe. All these areas branch off into many tools, both for gross mechanics and fine tuning. And when you learn to compose with them is when you get really close to your kids. 

You will want to have refined tools to listen and hold space for your kids, so that they have the environment to learn and experiment and figure things out. 

And you will want to have as many ways as you possibly can have to express love. Whether it’s with words, food or actions and everything in-between. 

In The Nest you will develop super sharp parenting tools to use in all kinds of situations. Have you joined the waitlist yet?

go to www.mamatoto.info/thenest to get on the list.

I can’t wait to see you there 🙂

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