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When your pregnancy hands you morning sickness

When your pregnancy hands you morning sickness, and it does for about 80% of us, make lemonade. Thankfully, for most of us a combination of home remedies will help and lemons are such a great part of that tool box because sour things typically help the nausea.

When I was pregnant with Wilbur, my youngest, I had the worst morning sickness I had in all my pregnancies and my go to was sucking on lemon wedges and smelling the peel of lemons. It wasn’t enough for me, but it was what helped fastest on the spot and for three months I was walking around with a bag of lemon wedges with me everywhere I went. My friend Anne was so amazing, she knew I was pregnant before most other friends and she took me for walks several times per week even though I felt so sick. I always had my bag of lemon wedges with us and on the last hill before our house I always had to put some in my mouth.

Morning sickness is such an issue for many women, and lots of women are afraid of it before getting pregnant. In our Pregnancy and Birth course we have a whole section on it to help our moms cope and in the work I do one on one we go through different options to try because every woman and every pregnancy is different. For me, different things worked in different pregnancies.

Good luck and let me know what worked for you, I am curious to hear how different moms manage.


ps. If you want to come to a free master class I do where we talk about different symptoms during pregnancy, morning sickness being one of them, join me here.

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