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Wearing your baby in style that makes your back happy

People often ask me what baby carriers I recommend, so I thought I would share my favorites here.

I am all for baby wearing. When my babies were very small I preferred wraps, like the Moby wrap, and as they got a little bigger I swore by the Ergo carrier.

I loved being able to have my babies close with my hands free. I loved being able to go for long walks with them without schlepping around a stroller every time. I loved how they would nap on me while I had the freedom to move around and use my hands.

The Moby is so great because it is really like your baby is safely secured in your clothes. I met the founder of Moby wraps many years ago in California and I love how her values are aligned with mine, that’s important to me.

The Ergo is just the awesomest carrier when your baby is a few months old. I have had some pretty serious back injuries and needed a carrier that didn’t make it hard on my back carrying my children. With the Ergo you can carry on the front first and then transition to the back. I carried my kids in the Ergo on hikes until they were about three years old.

Try them yourself and let me know what you think 🙂

The links above is for UK.

Click here if you are in the US: Moby Wrap and Ergo Carrier

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