Treat yourself.

Dealing with morning sickness is not fun, and one way to be able to eat and keep something is to eat things that are cold. Cold fruit or yogurt can help, and something that can be really nice is to eat some fruity sorbet. I know, I am advocating for you to eat something that is not the most nutritionally dense food you can find, but sometimes, it is the best choice you have. I kept grapes, oranges and grapefruit in the fridge all the time to eat. Apples and pears too as the sour and tart combined with the cold was really nice and soothing for me and for many mothers who have shared their tips with me.

So how can you make your sorbet most nutritious and what flavors are helpful? Lemon, in all its forms is awesome. Raspberry is great too. You don’t have to buy or make it with lots of sugar, making a puree with frozen fruits in a food processor is a great and really easy way to make frozen desserts. I found that this website is really helpful in making some delicious cold treats.

And don’t feel like you can’t have it if you don’t have morning sickness, sorbets are super yummy all the time, I found my tolerance for cold food very different during pregnancy and loved eating very cold things all the time. Sorbet is an easy way to treat yourself, and your baby 🙂



ps. if you are curious about prenatal nutrition but not ready to commit to the big course I offer, we have a small introduction course to prenatal nutrition here. Enjoy 🙂

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