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Take a minute out of your day.

I know for me I often feel like I will do it later, after I finish xyz, then I will take a minute and then I will relax. Getting into the habit of taking a few deep breaths, closing our eyes and just focusing on the sensation of the breath going in through our nose and out through our nose a few times is so soothing for our nervous system. It’s also a wonderful way of anchoring back to ourselves when we feel overwhelmed, and we all do. I am a very visual person and I like to visualize shapes, either a circle or a square. If I see a circle I see it expand as I inhale and retract as I exhale. I usually count to three of four as I inhale and exhale. Sometimes I give it a color. If I see a square I trace the sides as I inhale and exhale, one inhale per side, one exhale per side. Inhale for three, exhale for three. It calms and soothes me right away. Once I have dropped into that calm space I often make my exhale longer than my inhale, going even deeper until my exhale is twice as long as my inhale. Try it, you might find that you feel better right away 🙂



ps. I do a lot of visualization and help many of my clients get into meditation and self soothing for grown ups, it’s all there in your breath. I have a few spots left for one on one work, if you would like to get yours, go here.

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