Seasick and hung over?

Sometimes when I had really bad morning sickness I felt that there was something kind of familiar with it, it felt like I was hung over and seasick at the same time. I was a bit dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, tired and somehow sometimes at the same time, hungryish. So I started approaching morning sickness like I would a hangover (eating and drinking and resting) and motion sickness (looking at the road, just kidding :)) I thought that if I could stay hydrated, keep little things in my stomach, curb the nausea and rest, I would be set, and it worked pretty well for me. With every pregnancy I felt different and did different tweaks, and for the most part it was ok. I had really bad morning sickness for about three months each time. I learned some awesome tricks from my midwife Tekoa King in San Francisco who introduced me to analyzing my day to better help me manage. (That is something I do with my clients a lot in one on one work.) What have you tried that has worked for you?



ps. I added a whole section on morning sickness to the Mamatoto Pregnancy and Birth course, because it affects so many women and there are so many ways to work with it.

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