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Put your feet in this.

I discovered the amazingness of doing regular foot baths kind of by accident. I don’t like wearing socks, or shoes, I spend as much of the year as I can barefoot and the rest in slippers. My feet get a little dry sometimes. I am also not a big pedicure person, so when I heard that doing foot baths with apple cider vinegar helped get rid of dead skin and that it softens your skin I decided to try.

I had had a plantar wart on one of my feet for about seven or so years. I had tried freezing, surgery, all the natural remedies you can imagine, but I couldn’t get rid of it.

I started doing the acv foot bath about once a week, a cup of acv in some warm water for about twenty minutes. So easy, and so relaxing. After about a month or so my husband had my feet in his lap and said, your wart is gone, what have you done to treat it? I hadn’t done anything, just the foot baths.

So even though it was amazing that the wart was gone, I also had really soft and happy feet, which is what I was looking for from the foot baths. Try it, at the very least you will have happy and soft feet 🙂



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