Mamatoto Pregnancy and Birth course


The Mamatoto Pregnancy and Birth course is a comprehensive system with 6 modules plus bonuses packed with everything you need to confidently make the choices that are right for you and your baby.


If you are pregnant, or want to become pregnant you have surely heard about some of the things you might experience during pregnancy and how there are ways to handle them.

And you have probably wondered about how you can impact your pregnancy and have the birth you dream of.

You are in the right place 🙂

The Mamatoto Pregnancy and Birth course is an information and tool packed course that will take you from not so sure to fully empowered and full of knowledge.

Here is what is in the course:

Module 1, Prologue: Introduction Taking care of yourself physically Taking care of yourself emotionally

Module 2, First Trimester: 1st Trimester Introduction 1st Trimester week by week Interview: Gitte Tonner Essential Nutrients Interview: Patrick Holford Interview: Karla Maree Morning Sickness Immune System Hormones UTI/Vaccines Clean skin care products Pregnancy and Birth teams Alternative Treatments Interview: Linda Gruber Interview: Lizanne Pastore Interview: Laura Sheehan Interview: Karen Allen Resources

Module 3, Second Trimester: 2nd Trimester Introduction 2nd Trimester week by week Constipation Interview: Tekoa King Sleeping Interview: Dr. Patricia Robertson Hip/back pain Pregnancy weight gain Hemorrhoids Varicose veins Heartburn Glucose test Sex

Module 4, Third Trimester: 3rd Trimester Introduction 3rd Trimester week by week Where to birth Stages of birth Interview: Esther Antonelli Interview: Kathy Woo Interview: Rachel Yellin Natural Induction Preparing for birth Perineal massage Your birthplan Planning your baby shower Things to do before your baby is born

Module 5, Workouts: Workouts Introduction 1st Trimester workouts 2nd Trimester workouts 3rd Trimester workouts Energizing Yoga Mellow Yoga Restorative Yoga

Module 6, Guided Meditations: Guided Relaxation in pregnancy Preparing for birth meditation Short guided meditation for pregnancy Relaxation in labor

Bonuses: Bonus Yoga 1 Bonus Yoga 2 Things for the Baby Questions for your Midwife Questions for your Doula What to bring to the hospital for birth

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