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  • The Mamatoto Pregnancy and Birth course has guided mothers to a better pregnancy and birth since 2010. Get to know your pregnant body in a friendly and informative way and prepare for the birth you want to have. As a bonus, as our ten year birthday gift to you is a community element where you can ask questions and connect, and a section on bringing baby home to get prepared for your new addition in a practical way.
  • Meditation is such a powerful tool during pregnancy and in motherhood in general. Using guided meditations takes away a lot of the stress of learning how to meditate. In this sequence of four guided meditations all you have to do is close your eyes and let my voice guide you to a ridiculously delicious level of relaxation that benefits both you and your baby. A relaxed mama is a happy mama, and learning how to easily slip into a deep level of relaxation will support you towards a gentle birth and gentle mothering. This is what you will find on the CD:
    1. Guided Relaxation in Pregnancy (13:05 min)
    2.  Guided Relaxation preparing for Birth (11:41 min)
    3. Relaxation in Labor (38:27 min)
    4. Short guided relaxation for Pregnancy (4:43 min)
    There is something for you to use every day during pregnancy, preparing for birth and going into labor.
  • Ease in to learning about prenatal nutrition with this informal introduction to nourishing you and your baby the best way possible with everything you eat. Learn to make smart choices and tweak your mindset to want to eat with nutrition in mind, without compromising enjoyment. This is a four part email course that is a gentle nudge and great gateway to going deeper and learning more about the foods we can use to nourish ourselves.
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