Pregnancy and Birth online course.

When you get pregnant your whole world is turned upside down and spun around. You might have been trying for years, or months, or not at all, but in a few months you are going to be a mom and before that you are going to grow a person in your womb. It’s a big deal. There are so many decisions to make, what to eat, do I need supplements? how about my exercise regime? how can I feel great and grow a healthy baby? How can I find the support I need and what support or methods works best with my personality and life situation? You are most likely feeling a lot of things, thinking about lots of stuff and all the information you are bombarded with can seem very overwhelming. Some of it applies to you, some of it doesn’t, but how would you know how to sort it? Where do you start to figure out who you are as a pregnant woman and who you want to be as a mother? Take a deep breath, this is where Mamatoto can help 🙂

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