Confidently take charge of

Your Pregnancy and Birth

Start from where you are and tweak your way to empowerment through a purposeful pregnancy and a beautiful birth.

If you are pregnant, or want to become pregnant you have surely heard about some of the things you might experience during pregnancy and how there are ways to

handle them.

And you have probably wondered about how you can impact your pregnancy and have the birth you dream of.

Maybe you don't know where to start and you feel overwhelmed.

Maybe you think you can't do it.

Maybe you are afraid of parts of the pregnancy experience and giving birth.

Sometimes you might not even know what questions to ask or who the people who can support you are.

There are so many different sources of information telling you to do a million things and you don't where to start and what even makes sense for you.

Or maybe you have waded through loads of information

....and you are listening to one person and you don't feel it's helping

you answer your questions and solve your problems.

....or you might talk to someone who tells you to do so many things at

a level you feel that you can't keep up and it's overwhelming.

....a program with a one size fits all that doesn't allow for your

personal experience.

....or you might not know where to turn at all.

Yet in spite of all the overwhelm you know that by educating yourself, knowing your options and finding the appropriate tweaks for you and your body, will help you have the experience you want, and that is best for you. You don't spend a lot of time being pregnant and a much shorter time giving birth, make it awesome, and make it count.

That is what I am going to help you do.

Even if you think you should have started earlier, that you should have started tweaking and learning sooner

and that you might even think that you can't make an impact.

There is a way for you to take charge

optimize your nutrition, and knowing why and how it will impact you and your baby.


learn how to move, how much and how often, all the ways it makes you and your baby happy.


figure out what support you need, through empowerment to confidently choosing the path that leads to your best pregnancy and birth.

Well look at you lighting up with possibilities :)


Why your decision to dive into all the pregnancy

information until now is a smart move.


I realize that's a bold and maybe strange sounding statement, I will tell you why I am making it.

Thousands of women around the world are having babies and getting pregnant every day. Every day there are about 300,000 babies born worldwide, most of them are fine.

And you could have started reading all the books and doing all the research, interviewing specialists and filtering all the information yourself.

But you know what?

Many women end up traumatized by birth and have a much harder pregnancy than they need to.

Many women end up depleted and overwhelmed after having their babies.

Most women don't feel empowered enough to make the births and pregnancies theirs.

And the things nobody tells you, like how there are uncomplicated and efficient ways to naturally handle most pregnancy symptoms.

How asking for the support you need, knowing what can be helpful for you.

And using your knowledge, and doing the work will have you feel that you do what is right for you and your baby.

Here is how most prenatal care happens:

First you go and see your OBGYN, and because they are your doctor and they work with pregnant women you expect them to have all the answers for you.

If you find a good match you will have someone who shares your values, who hears and sees you and takes the time to listen.

Maybe they tell you some things you didn't know, after all they are incredibly skilled in their area of expertise, but unless you or your baby are in danger they will most likely not make a huge effort to make your pregnancy the most comfortable, your birth non traumatic and your postpartum nourished.

Then some of you will see a midwife, and depending on her inclination she might be similar to your doctor, again, highly skilled in her field, and she might have a holistic approach that will nourish your body and soul.

Either way she might not know how to give you advice on nutrition (the average MD has eight hours of training in nutrition, midwives can have more or less). She might not be able to guide you in how to use alternative treatments during your pregnancy, but she will be able to help you birth your baby healthily. She will have loads to offer, but not everything.

They will do their best to get your baby here safely, based on statistics and non specific advice, which is so important and helpful in a big picture kind of way.

But I want you to know your options, know how to get the support you need and most of all I want you to know what to ask for and whom to reach out to.

I want you to feel good about your pregnancy and birth.

I want you to not be afraid to aim for a painfree and present pregnancy and birth and to feel great with the choices you for you and your baby.

And the things I teach you will benefit your whole family long

after your baby is born :)

You have a lot of questions.

For many of them your prenatal healthcare provider is your

go to.

But for many of them they are not.

The answers you will get to a lot of questions that are non

medical in its strictest form will be generic.

The guidelines will vaguely apply to what you want to


You get some answers but you don't get the why's and the


You try some things.

But maybe they are not the things that actually make sense to you, maybe they are not wrong, just not right for you.

Does that make sense?

You might think that being pregnant is by default painful or uncomfortable.

You accept.

You have your baby with interventions you didn't want.

Or that you didn't know enough about to ask for alternatives.

You have your beautiful baby, but you don't feel whole, you know

somehow it could have been different.



As you dreamed.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes pregnancies and births don't live up to your dreams, sometimes they are wonderful, sometimes traumatic. Sometimes things go wrong. But when you are educated, present and in charge, your whole experience reflect that.

I met a mom many years ago who had planned for a home birth both times she had babies, and ended up transferring and having Cesarians. But you know what, she was so happy and spoke with such love of her experiences, because she had done the work. She didn't get what she wanted, but she was so well prepared and knew all her options, was present through the whole thing, that she was able to roll with the punches and have a beautiful experience birthing her babies.

Birth can go in so many ways, just like the path leading there. When you use all your tools towards your goal, whatever turns you encounter will not derail you.

Yet in spite of the twists and turns you might
experience you know that empowering
yourself with knowledge is always a good


Because even though there are too many variables to count that play a role in your pregnancy and birth, there are more things that make us same than different and knowing the variables and figuring out what yours are will allow you to tweak the details, and that is powerful.

And if you could create your profile and find out where to put your focus your whole experience would change.

- you would know how to eat well to support yours and your family's health within the framework of your restrictions and preferences.

- you would feel confident that moving and strengthening your body will improve all areas of your life and is simpler than you think, I will teach you how.

- you will know how to build your team, who to include and who not to include.

- you will have the right questions to ask your provider to reach your goals.

- you will realize that small tweaks, when they are the right ones, make a big difference and doing the work is an enormous investment in your family's life.

It changes everything. It really does.

Changing your mindset from "have to" to "get to" is huge.

I get to meditate most days. It exponentially changes how I connect with my children every day.

I get to choose foods that nourish me and my kids and I see how we


I move my body every day and not only does it make me feel happy (hello endorphins :)), it makes me strong enough to keep up with my kids and lets me do all the fun things with them that I want.

Understanding the small and big tweaks puts me in charge.

I'm not saying you will look like a supermodel with no aches and pains after two days, but you will be your version of supermom who will teach and inspire your family to ask questions and connect to themselves.


What would it mean for you to feel that you know what to ask for and

where to get it for you and your baby?

How would confidently making tweaks that are manageable and effective

affect you?

That's a realistic expectation.

It's attainable for you, step by step.


Because I know that you are a smart parent who wants to make the best choices for you and your family, but you know what?

We have strong intuition, but it doesn't mean that we know all the options and information without studying and learning about it.


Drawing from the universal knowledge and sorting it out to fit our needs will not only get you on the right path, it will get you there efficiently and safely.

Because with the right strategy and guidance you will be able to:

- build your pregnancy and birth team, know who you want on them and who you don't.

- confidently move your body, and enjoy moving your body as you see all the ways it benefits you.

- eat and nutritionally nourish yourself and make the most delicious and nutritious choices every time you put something in your mouth.

- learn to put your mask on before helping others. You know on planes when they tell you to put your oxygen mask on before helping others? With your easy access to your breath and your tools to be calm and centered, you are good to go with the tools you get in our course.

And most importantly

- you will know where to make the tweaks and why. You will spend less money and time, and energy, because you don't have to try everything, just do the things you need.

This is how we do it:

- it's how I do it with my kids, you get to benefit from my trials and errors.

- it's the difference between overwhelm and confidence the I want to help you overcome in the next few weeks.

- but you might wonder why you should take this journey with me?

"When I was full term with my third baby I was so busy and wound up by taking care of my younger kids. I emailed Hanna for help and she sent me some guided relaxations. They were what I needed to go into labor, I wish I would have gotten in touch much sooner!"

Elisa, Belgium

"Things I learned with Hanna about being kind to myself and how small changes make a big difference didn't just make my pregnancy manageable, but our whole family is now healthier because of it."

Mary, New York City

Why now is the perfect time to offer this pregnancy and birth interactive multimedia course.

Now I have been supporting and guiding women through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding since 2005 (the same year I had my first baby).

The material in this online course has grown and come together into an interactive, very information rich and comprehensive course.

Its first version was a few PDFs and some audio, now it's a system of over 100 moving pieces.

A fair warning though.

You should absolutely not take this course if you do not want to take charge and make changes to feel better and make informed choices about your pregnancy and birth.

And if you don't want to do the work, this is not for you. It's a big investment in your time and money for your health.

Taking this course without implementing what you learn will not give you results.

When I had my first baby I was in graduate school and became an advocate for women being able to comfortably and easily nurse their babies out and about, as they are, with Mamatotowear. We were doing Fair Made before it was a thing and helping women have the freedom of movement our tops gave them.

Between my first and second baby I did so much research. And I spent a lot of money seeing all kinds of pregnancy specialists to make sure I could figure out how to tailor my best pregnancy and birth.

[graphic showing components of the parts of my research and treatment experiences]

Then I had my second baby, at home, easily and pain-free. My water broke at 6 pm, my baby was born at 11 pm. A moment after he was born I said I want to do it again. It was the most amazing, powerful and present thing I had ever done. My midwife still uses my birth story to inspire her moms.


So I started documenting, researching more, interviewing specialists and mothers to be able to help other mothers find their journey and guide them through.

I spend a few years building and writing the first guide and I kept hearing from moms and the pros who used and read it how they wish they had had it sooner and how they wished their clients had had it before.

So I kept building, one iteration was up, and I worked on the next edition to give you something even better.

Some information is better than none? Not for me :)

Sure, if you are not really committed to making improvements and getting real results then the odd book or recommendation from your MIL or friend is great. But when you have mothers around the world listening to and relying on your information, wanting TOP training and are willing to do the work, only in depth information and doing the things that get you results will do.

Because in the world of pregnancy and birth education, superficial advice and magic pills will get you to

- not knowing how to relieve common pregnancy symptoms.

- not able to evaluate yourself in statistics.

- feel overwhelmed.

- not have the tools to nourish yourself during and after pregnancy, and to know why.

That's why this course has gone through refinement, research, fine tuning and optimizing so that with all the information it contains, and it's a lot, it is designed for you to be able to digest it easily and get the most out of it.


Why would you even need a course on pregnancy and birth? You donf't need to take it. But you might want to arm yourself with questions, answers, knowledge and empowerment if you want to have a great experience. This is for you.

Let's talk about some myths around pregnancy that stand in your way of the best experience you can have.

Myth #1: There are no safe and natural ways to handle pregnancy symptoms.

There are plenty of safe, natural and effective ways to handle everything from morning sickness to heartburn, constipation, back ache, leg cramps and wild mood swings.

You just need to know where to turn and know the difference between what you can do yourself and what you need to see a practitioner about.

With the arsenal in this course you will know what to do with most things.

Myth #2: Pregnancy is the time when I can eat whatever I want, I will be gaining weight anyway and either way I am eating for two.

This myth is not only untrue but it undermines one of your sharpest tools, nutrition. You do not need to double your caloric intake and this is the time to make every calorie work for you.

Pregnancy is when what you eat counts more than ever, all your calories help build your baby. What do you want to make your baby of?

And you don't need a lot of extra energy, but you do need extra nutrients so making sure you are eating optimally is SUPER important.

Myth #3: Exercising is bad during pregnancy.

One of our experts says: "you should not be afraid to exercise during pregnancy. You should be afraid to not exercise during pregnancy". The benefits to you are huge. The benefits to your baby are huge. What you do need to know is what kinds of exercises are safe and to pace yourself appropriately.

Myth #4: I don't need to have a prenatal multivitamin or other supplements, my baby takes whatever it needs.

All our experts agree that this is false. Your baby will deplete you if you don't get enough nutrition, and there are some nutrients you need a lot more of during pregnancy, knowing how to nourish yourself will impact you for years.

Are you ready to hear more?

And are you ready to filter out and weave through all the information out there and instead get a deep and profound knowledge of the steps you have to take to make your best pregnancy and birth? I found my path to a happy, healthy and painfree pregnancy and birth, are you ready to find yours?

Are you ready to be transformed into the mother who confidently navigates the health choices for herself and the family?

Even if

-you don't know a lot about nutrition, the why's and the how's.

-you are not a zen yogini (or if you are).

-you are terrified of both the overwhelm of choices and of doing them.

-you are quite familiar and have an idea of what you want and you want to go deeper.

So if you are still with me, I want to introduce you to

The Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth with Hanna Schaer.

The complete guide to becoming an informed parent, armed with knowledge and resources to create a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth.

How feeling in charge of your pregnancy changes everything for you.


You will confidently know who to ask for what and when (you'll see :))


You will start seeing changes in how you feel with your own tweaks right



Knowledge is power, and you will have a lot of it to implement with this



You will have the confidence and know how of making the necessary changes you as a mother can do for you and your beautiful, beloved baby, before it is born, and then keep it going.

The Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth is the first of its kind training that:

- gives you the kind of deep knowledge and information the cross between research papers and deep conversation with a world class practitioner would, and does.

- gives you both the easy to implement plans to get you started right away and all the why's behind it.

- gives you complete workouts, including five prenatal yoga videos.

- gives you a library of guided meditations taking you through pregnancy right through birth.

- holds your hand through serious and fun, nurturing your body and soul, and gets you super excited about all the things you can try.

Contents of the course

Module 1, Prologue:

  • Introduction
  • Taking care of yourself physically
  • Taking care of yourself emotionally

Module 2, First Trimester:

  • Introduction
  • 1st Trimester Introduction
  • 1st Trimester week by week
  • Interview: Gitte Tonner
  • Essential Nutrients
  • Interview: Patrick Holford
  • Interview: Karla Maree
  • Morning Sickness
  • Immune System
  • Hormones
  • UTI/Vaccines
  • Clean skin care products
  • Pregnancy and Birth teams
  • Alternative Treatments
  • Interview: Linda Gruber
  • Interview: Lizanne Pastore
  • Interview: Laura Sheehan
  • Interview: Karen Allen
  • Resources

Module 3, Second Trimester:

  • 2nd Trimester Introduction
  • 2nd Trimester week by week
  • Constipation
  • Interview: Tekoa King
  • Sleeping
  • Interview: Dr. Patricia Robertson
  • Hip/back pain
  • Pregnancy weight gain
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Varicose veins
  • Heartburn
  • Glucose test
  • Sex

Module 4, Third Trimester:

  • 3rd Trimester Introduction
  • 3rd Trimester week by week
  • Where to birth
  • Stages of birth
  • Interview: Esther Antonelli
  • Interview: Kathy Woo
  • Interview: Rachel Yellin
  • Natural Induction
  • Preparing for birth
  • Perineal massage
  • Your birthplan
  • Planning your baby shower
  • Things to do before your baby is born

Module 5, Workouts:

  • Workouts Introduction
  • 1st Trimester workouts
  • 2nd Trimester workouts
  • 3rd Trimester workouts
  • Energizing Yoga
  • Mellow Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga

Module 6, Guided Meditations:

  • Guided Relaxation in pregnancy
  • Preparing for birth meditation
  • Short guided meditation for pregnancy
  • Relaxation in labor


  • Bonus Yoga 1
  • Bonus Yoga 2
  • Things for the Baby
  • Questions for your Midwife
  • Questions for your Doula
  • What to bring to the hospital for birth

To make sure you feel really supported you will get lifetime access to the Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth course.

And you get these bonuses:

Bonus #1

Two full yoga practices. (value $60)

There may be loads of ways to choose to move your body, and yoga is just one, and to give you more options in your practice you get two prenatal practices to do at home.

-you don't have to go anywhere.

-you don't really have to get dressed :)

-and you will run out of reasons not to move, you just do it. Your body and mind will thank you.

Bonus #2

Things you need for your baby checklist (value $15)

We go through your lifestyle and budget and talk about all the areas where you need gear, what you need and what you probably don't need. Doing an analysis and separating wants from needs will save you a lot of money.

Bonus #3

Your questions for your Doula and Midwife (value $25)

Interviewing your team can be a bit daunting and we help you find the right questions to ask so that you don't end up with unpleasant surprises when choosing the most important members of your pregnancy and birth team.

Bonus #4

What to bring to the hospital for birth checklist (value $15)

If you are birthing at the hospital there are some things you need and some that you do not need. Getting all the best tips from Doulas and Midwives on what you actually need during birth (things you would never think of). We will go through the needs, wants and things to pass on to keep your luggage light and your focus on giving birth to your baby, comfortably.

What will it be worth to you and your baby to:

Feel confident that you are eating to nourish yourself, deliciously, while doing something major for your health.

Be strong and fit, have enough energy and strength to do all the things you want, whether it's birthing with ease, play with your kids or hike with your friends.

Know that you have a team in place to keep you healthy and comfortable, and safe.

Understand how your body changes and your baby grows and develops during pregnancy, from the hormones to the immune system, your joints, your brain and your heart, so you can support yourself like you need.

That is what I am offering you today.

"Taking Hanna's course gave me a much deeper understanding of my pregnant body. It helped me make easy changes that gave me huge improvements, some that I wasn't expecting. I am so thankful for her support."

Annika, Sweden

Join the Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth.


When you enroll during a limited time you will get:


The FULL Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth with all the exercises,

videos, audio, checklists and journal entries. Value $2997


Bonus #1 Two full prenatal yoga classes to add to your home yoga

practice. Value $60


Bonus #2 Things you need for your baby checklist. Value $15


Bonus #3 Your questions for your Doula and Midwife. Value $25


Bonus #4 What to bring to the hospital for birth checklist. Value $15


That's a total value of $3112

And I am not even counting the ongoing valuable support I send you via email once we get started.

But because I'm really happy and excited to welcome you to the Mamatoto tribe, and watch you love your pregnancy and birth, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in the Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth for the special limited time price of just $997.


Do you need help or have questions, please contact us

This is why you need to get started right away.

The goal of the course is to get you on a happy and healthy path of your pregnancy and birth.

-every day you are not eating optimally you are wasting an opportunity.

-every day you are suffering from pregnancy symptoms you can treat and prevent are days for you with discomfort.

-every day you are nervous and afraid of giving birth is a day wasted not feeling safe, empowered and excited (Yes, I want you to feel excited about giving birth :))

You get a 60 day trial to try it out, learn it and apply it. Money back


If you are not sure about buying the course.

You might have taken courses that disappointed you.

You see, I really want you to have the best pregnancy ever, so I'm giving you two months to go through all the classes, do all the assignments, try all the tings we recommend and use all the resources, and see how your body and soul will benefit from it.

If you get in touch within 60 days and you can show me that you have done the work (you will have to show me proof) and for some insane reason you do not feel more knowledgeable, empowered, strong or armed with tools to tackle pregnancy, birth and motherhood, I'm happy to return your money.


The Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth course is for mothers who take theirs and their babies health seriously and are able and willing to do the work to reach their goals.


I'm super strict, you have to do the work.


There is a HUGE reward for you when you do, but just buying the course is

not going to do it. You have to make a commitment to your physical,

emotional and mental wellbeing.


I want you to reach your goals, it makes me so happy seeing happy and healthy mothers and babies through the course. I'm also happy giving you a kick to get there :)


Q:I am in my second trimester, will I still benefit from the course?

A:Yes, you still have a while to go and there is a lot of helpful information preparing for birth, your second and third trimesters

and you will have tools to use after your baby is born too.

Q:What if I don't know anything about nutrition?

A:You will after taking the course :)

Q:I am trying to conceive, how can I prepare?

A:That's a great question, and there are so many things you can do, starting with a good base of prenatal nutrition and a good

exercise routine to be your strongest. Taking the course as you are

trying to conceive is a great idea :)

Q:This is my second baby, will I benefit?

A:Yes, I have worked with moms for the first time in their third pregnancies and they wish we had met in their previous

pregnancies and they definitely felt supported and that they got a

lot from the course.

Q:When will I have access to the course? A: As soon as you join you have access :)

So, how was your birth?

New moms get asked this a lot, you might have asked it yourself.

And you get to share your story, of how you went into labor. How it started, how it felt, how you felt.

Your face will light up, you are in the motherhood club and you get looks of recognition, eyes and ears in awe from seasoned mothers and mothers to be. And you didn't have a trauma. You were prepared and relaxed and you met all the labor and birth's curve balls with focus, knowledge and calm. You've got this. You let your body do what it knows how to. And it was glorious.

You get to look back at your pregnancy and birth and know you made choices from an informed and calm place.

You get to tell your child their pregnancy and birth story with joy and love and share your wisdom with them.

This is the course I wish I would have had when I was pregnant with my


I wouldn't have gained sooooo much unnecessary weight.

I wouldn't have been so uncomfortable.

I wouldn't have been so unprepared.

And I may not have had my unnecessarian.

I know taking charge of and informing yourself about your pregnancy and

birth is the right thing to do.

This is the time to take action. There is a complete guide ready

to lead you.

To remind you of what you get:


When you enroll during a limited time you will get:


The FULL Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth with all the exercises,

videos, audio, checklists and journal entries. Value $2997


Bonus #1 Two full prenatal yoga classes to add to your home yoga

practice. Value $60


Bonus #2 Things you need for your baby checklist. Value $15


Bonus #3 Your questions for your Doula and Midwife. Value $25


Bonus #4 What to bring to the hospital for birth checklist. Value $15


That's a total value of $3112

And I am not even counting the ongoing valuable support I

send you via email once we get started.

But because I'm really happy and excited to welcome you to the Mamatoto tribe, and watch you love your pregnancy and birth, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in the Mamatoto guide to Pregnancy and Birth for the special limited time price of just $997.


Do you need help or have questions, please contact us

I can't wait to see you in the Mamatoto community :)