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Yay, you are pregnant (congratulations :)) You might have read a lot of the books,  you are getting informed, and then, when you are standing there with so much information and choices, the wave of overwhelm hits you. You think you know where you want to birth, what kind of support you want and need, but where do you start to narrow it down? How do you go about setting it up? Who do you reach out to when you feel overwhelmed? How do you figure it all out? Where is the baby going to sleep, what is the difference between babywearing in a Bjorn, Ergo or in a sling? what suits you best? What do you need, what would be nice and what should you not spend my money on? What kind of childcare is the best fit for your family? So. Many. Questions. Breathe, I’ve got you! I have designed this program for you to be able to help separate the needs from the wants (you might still get both :)) and help you weave through the jungle to find your path of perfectly you.

The formula for this is that there is no formula, with each client we make something unique for you. It is your pregnancy and your birth and the program reflects that.  We work together to get really great results for you. I will help you in the areas that you want my help, I’m here for support and guidance. I will send you a document with a recap and if you want me to record our calls for you, I send you that too so that you can go back and visit what we talked about.

What is this program about? It’s about you. Helping you get the most personalized attention and care to support your pregnancy. What is it not about? It’s not about selling you stuff you don’t want or need. I fully disclose that I have products that are awesome that you can buy (I might even give you a discount) but you will see when we talk that I am not a sleasy sales person, in fact I’m a pretty awkward sales person, but I do love helping women find their best path through pregnancy and birth to how to best be themselves, and for that I will sometimes recommend using some products. However, my opinion is not for sale so there is no product placement in our calls.

So what about postpartum? How about the fourth trimester?

The fourth trimester, the three months following giving birth is a time for recovery, for learning a lot of new things, for finding yourself as a mother and for all those changes that happen in your life that you were not ready for. I am here for you. I will not let you go when your baby is born, you just transition into the Mothering the Mother part of working together.  Having something stay consistent through birth can be wonderful, because everything else changes. You are not going to see your Midwife all the time anymore. The focus is going to be on your baby. You might feel very different in your postpartum body and not know how to or who to talk about that. What about sex? I am happy to support you through all this. Choose the program that works best for you and I will be your companion and confidant through it.

Who is the program for? This program is for women who are pregnant, TTC or new moms who want the support and attention on them and their needs in a safe, non judgmental and supportive space that caters to you and your needs. You still have to do the work, but I am here to guide and support you.

Who is it not for? The program is not for Moms who are looking for a quick fix and are not committed to making adjustments to get the lifestyle changes you think you want. I want you to reach your goals and feel completely relaxed and empowered, and for most of us, that takes some tweaking and work.

Why do it with Hanna? I have done it, three times, consciously, and I have had three quite different experiences. I have one C-section and two home births in two different countries (and yes, it matters :)) to draw my personal experience and reflection from but most importantly I have done extensive research and talked to countless moms about their experiences that they have so generously shared with me. I have done years of research on the subject, trained Moms and worked with leading experts to develop my program to be able to serve you, as you are.

Why should I have a pregnancy, birth or postpartum coach? While every specialist, like your midwife or doctor are taking care of specific areas of your pregnancy, there are more things to consider, and they are not always the same for all women. Some are anxious about gaining too much weight, some are anxious about giving birth. So many women want someone to talk to about what they are feeling and experiencing. Many moms want help figuring out what gear to get, the issues we address are both shallow and deep and I will direct you to the things that can actually solve your issues in a very specific and profound way. Because you will not have to try everything yourself, I have done that for you, it will end up possibly saving you both time and money and you don’t have to worry about figuring it all out yourself.

What do I get? You get one on one calls, on average every other week, we schedule the times to fit our schedules. (The three month program has 6 calls, the six month program has 12 calls and the nine month program has 18 calls) During the calls I share resources you need, and I ask you questions. You have the opportunity to tell me what you want to work on, where you need support or advice and we go in your direction. Between our calls I send you emails to help you work on the things you need to and reach out to the resources we discuss. I might give you exercises and worksheets depending on what you are working on. You get support working through the issues you want to work on.

How much does it cost? The three month program costs 1800, the six month program costs 3600 EUR and the nine month program costs 5400 EUR.

Apply to join the programs:

3 months: 6 one on one calls, email updates, loads of resources. 6 months: 12 one on one calls, email updates, loads of resources. 9 months: 18 one on one calls, email updates, loads of resources.

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