Pregnancy and Birth2020-04-19T19:23:03+02:00

Supporting parents through pregnancy and birth is one of the corner stones of Mamatoto.

I have developed programs to support and guide parents like you through the different phases of your parenting journey.

We have our signature Pregnancy and Birth course that is the basis preparation for your pregnancy and birth.

I have the Mothering the Mother program, because, well, mothers need to be mothered and we are here for it. This is the program I wish I would have had when I became a mom.

I facilitate pregnancy and postpartum groups, because it takes a village, and you should have a great one.

I offer pregnancy and birth consulting to the moms who want more in depth and personalized support.

And where it all started, with Mamatotowear. The most comfortable and ethical maternity and breastfeeding tops there are.

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