//How do you find balance?

How do you find balance?

I would like to ask you a question, how do you show up for yourself? Do you take good enough care of yourself or are you always taking care of others?

I talk to parents a lot about relating to their kids, how to raise awesome kids and how to be and stay connected to them. 

And you know what one of the first things to do is? To begin at the beginning, you have to start with you. You know when you are on a plane and they go through security protocol. When they tell you how to operate the oxygen mask they tell you to put on your mask before helping others. It’s exactly that that I want to talk to you about today.

For many people when we start talking about self care, of taking care of ourselves they think in big bold statements, aspirational maybe and often so monumental that it never happens. Self care doesn’t have to be a weekend, or even a day at a spa. It can be ten minutes every morning sitting quietly with your breath.

It doesn’t have to be a girls weekend at some exotic location, it certainly can be, but it can also be going for a run.

You get the gist. 

Here is what I do, I make sure that I do something for my physical and my mental health every day. Most days I go for a walk or run and do yoga. That is what I like and what works for me. And some days, I get up a little earlier and sit and read before my kids wake up. I take a little time like that to do something that I like that makes me feel good. 

I actually had this conversation with my littlest one recently. He was having a hard time and I asked him what was going on and he said “I don’t know, I am just feeling frustrated.” So I sat with him and said, that’s ok, sometimes we feel like that. And I taught him to take it slow and to do one thing after the other that feels good, to get out of that funk. So he, who is six years old by the way, learned the skill to when he feels frustrated, slow down and take more care. So that’s my gift to you today, permission to slow down, to incorporate things that make you feel good and that nourish you into your day to day life and on shitty days, a little more.

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