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Working as a Nanny with Mamatoto Nannies
Mamatoto Nannies is a recruitment agency placing Nannies in Families around the world. We supply live-in, weekly, part time, temporary and permanent nannies for families around the world. 
Qualifications are essential, and years of experience and fantastic checkable references are necessary. All registrations have to go through the website, this is where you start the process of becoming a Mamatoto Nanny. The range of experience our families ask for varies.
We interview all our nannies personally and check your references and certificates thoroughly. When we interview a Nanny we make a point of finding out the kind of position and family that would work best for each individual, so that we can make a good match. At interview we will discuss things such as your most recent experience, reasons for moving on, what you love about your work in order to introduce you to the best families. 
We continue working with our Nannies after they have been placed in a family and are always here to answer any questions you have. We love hearing how you are doing in your new position so please stay in touch via email or phone.

If you need help getting to where you want to be in your career we offer all nannies the following services:

Nanny career coaching: We help you in setting your goals and accomplishing what you need to do to have the career you want.
our fee: 280 euros per hour call, plus email contact 1 per week for 4 weeks. 
CV revision and consultation: If you want us to help you improve your CV, both presentation and give you ideas for trainings and jobs to take to get your career to where you want it to be. Our fee: 180 euros per CV. 

Becoming a Nanny
A Nanny takes care of the children and does tasks that relate to them, like prepare meals, laundry and some clean up. As a Nanny you will care for children when the parents work or you will work alongside a parent if the post is shared care. A Nanny’s duties will include all of the obvious things such as dressing, bathing and preparing healthy meals for the children.
As a Nanny you are also responsible for organizing social events, play dates and activities outside of the house. You will use your creativity and skills to guide the children in educational games and activities, do crafts with them, read with them and be their fellow explorer.
When it comes to tasks in the house the Nanny would be expected to organize the children’s things, including cleaning up toys after playing, cleaning the kitchen after preparing meals, for example. You are  responsible for the children’s bedrooms and bathroom making sure they are kept clean. You might do the children’s laundry and make sure they have clean clothes to wear.
A Nanny is not expected to do heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores unless agreed before the position commences.

Full time Nannies taking a permanent post start with a one-year contract, which is between the employer and the nanny.
Nanny work
Nannies will most often work a 5-day week with weekends free, and if another agreement is reached make sure to have 1.5-2 days off during the week if you work on the weekend. Daily nannies do normally not work over the weekend.
A normal working day would be a maximum of ten hours for live-in nannies and ten hours for daily nannies. Live-in nannies might baby sit one or two nights per week as part of their contract. If extra baby-sitting is needed, employers usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu.
Baby-sitting for daily nannies is by negotiation and with plenty of notice.
All nannies are entitled to four weeks paid holiday plus national holidays. The employer must be given one month’s notice of any holiday to be taken. It is not unusual for the employer to have the option on a maximum of two weeks.
Most employers are able to interview prospective nannies in person before offering employment. However, in circumstances where an interview is not possible, the employer can interview the Nanny over the phone or via video chat.
Most of our nannies are available right away, but some are currently in positions where they would be required to give notice.

Preparing for an interview
The first interview might be a phone interview, where the family will want to get a general feel for you as a Nanny and see how you will work with their family. We then recommend that you meet up, we are there for you to support you through your interviews. We are happy to email photographs, and can arrange a video conference too. 
Some questions that you might be asked during an interview
 What is your training and or experience and how do you use what you have learned when you work with children?

 Do you know what to do in an emergency situation. What would you do if baby was choking?

 Why do you like being a nanny?

 How would you make a routine with a child, how would you structure a day?

 What are your favorite activities with children of different ages?

 Are you from a large family?

– Can you cook – what do you like to cook for children of different ages?

– How do you feel about discipline?

 How long are you looking to work for?

​ What are your long term plans?

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