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You know how sometimes you need a little bit of a tune up. I thought of this recently when I went to see my osteopath. I have injured my back pretty severely twice in my life and regularly seeing my awesome osteopath is part of how I stay healthy. I have gone to him for years, my husband and kids see him too, so when I text him to get an appointment he asks me if what’s up, and just now I went for a tune up.

On my way back I thought, what if I offered my Mamatoto Moms a tune up session. No commitment to join a program or course, but a quick tune up when you need it. You sign up for the time that suits you online and we do our call to get you back in tip top shape.

You will get the attention and techniques I use when working with moms, just in smaller sessions, bite sized.

I am offering you half hour sessions and full hour sessions, sign up for them below and let’s get you back on track.

Half hour 

Full hour

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