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Mamatoto Nannies is a recruitment agency for all your childcare needs. We supply live in, daily, temporary and overseas nannies for private homes of families around the world. We want to provide a personal and professional service tailored specifically to your individual needs. We have a wonderful selection of nannies. We only work with candidates we know and who have the qualifications we look for such as previous experience, first aid training, a clear driving and criminal record. We interview all our nannies and check their references and certificates thoroughly. When we interview a nanny we make a point of getting to know her to find out what kind of family is the best fit for each nanny.

Permanent Nannies We have a super selection of Temporary Nannies, all of whom have relevant childcare experience and the relevant qualifications. All our Nannies have valid references that we have confirmed with previous employers. Most Nannies are non-smokers, they have a clean driving record and have a valid passport. We interview our Nannies and make sure of their experience, the sort of post they are seeking and discuss the qualities they can offer to a future employer.

What do permanent Nannies do? Nannies work with your children and their tasks are centered around your children. It can mean that your nanny will care for your children while you work or she could work alongside mother if that is what you need. A Nanny’s duties will include all of the obvious things around the children such as dressing, bathing and preparing nutritious meals according to your requirements for the children. A Nanny would also make sure that play dates, trips to the zoo or park and other activities for the children are arranged. She will use her big toolbox of skills to help develop the children to be their best through educational games, painting, reading and social activities. In the home, the Nanny would be expected to keep after the children’s things, including clearing up toys after playing, cleaning the kitchen after preparing meals or any other craft or creative activities. Your Nanny is responsible for the children’s bedrooms and bathroom making sure they are kept clean. If you wish she can do the children’s laundry and ironing. A Nanny is not expected to do heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores unless agreed before the position is accepted. ​ Permanent Nanny Guidelines We have listed a few general guidelines for Clients and Nannies.

-Salaries, depending on age and experience and the duties involved, generally range from 1000 euros net per week, although there are Nannies earning above and below this amount.

-Nannies taking a permanent post start with a one year contract, which is between the Client and the Nanny. The client and the nanny must give at least four weeks’ notice once the eight week trial is over.

-There is a minimum of four weeks paid holiday plus National holidays.

-Nannies usually work a 5 day week with weekends free. If you want your Nanny to work during the weekend, she should be given 1 ½ – 2 full days free during the week or extra payment.

-A normal working day would usually be a maximum of eight hours for daily nannies unless agreed otherwise before the position starts. Some working mothers require an eleven hour day from their nanny. Very few nannies will agree to start before 7.45am.

-If extra baby-sitting is required, Clients usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu. Weekend babysitting needs to be discussed at interview stage as most Nannies want their weekends completely free. Nannies tend to agree to babysitting so long as they are given advance warning and are paid extra. The babysitting rates vary from 15-25 euros per hour.

-If the Client travels abroad and wishes the nanny to join them, this must again be discussed and agreed before working together. Separate holiday contracts are a good idea, to make sure that it is clear what is expected of the Nanny while away, the salary should be adjusted if she agrees to work longer hours.

The above list is to act as a general guideline and is not written in stone. Every family is different and each Client has different requirements. If you have any questions, please do contact us.

Some things to keep in mind -Nannies will expect the family to provide lunch, or for food to be available for her to prepare.

-It is a good idea to have some money available for the nanny that she can use for out of the house activities, the occasional ice cream, drinks and food out and about, so she feels she is not having to ask to be re-imbursed for things. It is a good idea to ask her to keep receipts so you can keep an eye on general costs.

-You may want to ask your nanny to keep a calendar so that you can both put in play-dates or excursions. This helps you keep up with their activities and know where they are all the time.

-Be very clear about your priorities for each day. For example, she might have not have finished the laundry and you assume she will get it done by the weekend. It can happen that it doesn’t get done because she thinks activities with the children are a priority, or vice versa.

-If you have any questions or things you want to talk to your Nanny about it is always better to do it as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings. When you have discussed your needs with us and decided you want to interview Nanny candidates we will set up an interview. The first interview might be half an hour to forty-five minutes to get a feel for each other. If you have more than one candidate you want to have a follow up interview with it will be longer and more in depth.

Nanny Probationary Periods The first eight weeks of you hiring your nanny is called the probationary period. This is the time you will both be adjusting to each other and we recommend that you have a weekly meeting to talk about how things are going, good communication is very important for a successful placement. You can also discuss any issues with your Riviera Nannies contact prior to your meeting if you would like support and another view.

Live in Nannies Hours of work A live in Nanny should work between 8-10 hours per day Monday to Friday with one night baby sitting included in their salary. Any additional baby-sitting is to be paid extra. Babysitting nights are normally taken between Monday-Thursday unless you have another agreement. Weekends are free unless stated otherwise at the start, there is a possibility to work a half or full day of the weekend for additional money or time off, discussed in each individual case.

Salary Live in salaries vary between 500-1200 euros per week. It is important to make clear from the start whether the salary you are offering is gross or net. Some Nannies are independent contractors some are hired as your employee, it is very important to discuss the legal status in the start.

Live-in Accommodation The nanny will require a separate bedroom but they could share a bathroom with the children/family. Most families provide a TV, desk and storage space, some families provide a car or scooter for transportation.

House rules It is always best to have clear ideas about your house rules before hiring a live in Nanny. The rules are of course very different from family to family. It is a good idea to state in the contract that you want your Nanny to inform you first of any people not connected with the family who may come to the house, for example other nannies or friends. Think about that if you have a good relationship with your nanny that she may over time wish to have a close friend or family member to stay once you have met with them, but this is different for each family.

Other points to keep in mind: – If you do not have a separate phone line for the nanny it is worth requesting an itemised phone bill from your phone company but it is generally a good idea to provide your nanny with a cell phone so that she can communicate with both you and her family and friends. – Nannies will expect the family to provide their food unless they require specialist items i.e. vegetarian, vegan or wheat free products and so on, but it is a good idea to discuss dietary requirements for both the Family and the Nanny before working together. – If you need your Nanny to drive your car, you are responsible for the insurance, up keep and gas. It is also worth checking with your insurers before offering the position that the Nanny is insurable on the car you are providing and also check that their driving license is valid for France. – Smoking – make sure your nanny knows if you have strong views on smoking, like for example no smoking in the house. Even if she herself doesn’t smoke it may be that a close friend of hers does and she should stick to your rules. – Respect for both of your privacy. Some live-in Nannies will have their meals with the children, and others might expect to eat meals with you – it is a good idea talking about this with your Nanny and making her know your preference. Likewise you may want to know how she plans to spend her weekends – does she visit friends and family, or will she mostly be staying in the house. Obviously strong preferences regarding all the above should be discussed with your consultant at the registration process, and your consultant will help make your selection accordingly.

Temporary & Emergency Nannies and Babysitters All Nannies who work with Mamatoto Nannies are screened the same way, there isn’t any difference in a temporary or permanent nannies experience or competence.

Temporary Nannies A temporary nanny can be hired on short notice or for the occasional day or evening. Nannies working through our temporary, on-call service get paid by the hour and can be scheduled for daytime, evening, weekend or for overnight care.

Permanent Nannies A permanent Nanny is one who is interviewing with families and who want to make a long-term commitment. That Nanny may work full or part-time for you. You might sign a one year contract, and typically your Nanny will stay with you for years if you like.

Why use Mamatoto Nannies? If you are a family looking for a nanny, us helping you search will be much more effective and you will meet better qualified nannies by working with an agency. Since we work locally on the French Riviera we have the best candidates for you here. We will save you the time it takes to prescreen nannies for your specific family, check references and make sure of qualifications. You will meet competent, experienced nannies who have been matched to your family. Many nannies only work through an agency.

How is Mamatoto Nannies different? We think you will like how Mamatoto Nannies make sure to work with both families and nannies to make sure that your match is a good one and that your professional relationship lasts a long time. We will work with you throughout the entire interview process as well as any post-placement support you may need. Mamatoto Nannies look for long-term relationships with both the families and nannies we work with.

Tips for interviewing your Nanny The first interview may be a telephone or Skype interview, where you can get a general feel for the nanny and see if you think you are a good fit. We then recommend that you meet up, we offer to introduce you personally to be able to give you a good recommendation for placement. Ideas for questions during the interview -Are you confident with what to do in an emergency situation. What would you do if baby was choking?

-Why do you enjoy being a nanny? What is your favorite part of the job?

-Tell us about the routine you would set for a small baby and how you would develop it.

-Are you familiar with out of the house activities, playgroups, play areas close to the Family’s home?

-Tell us a few of the activities you would do with a baby, toddler and children.

-Do you have many nanny friends?

-Are you from a large family? Do you have brothers or sisters?

-Can you cook – what would you cook for our children? Can you cook for our specific dietary requirements?

-Describe how you would plan a day with differently aged children.

-How long would you like to work for us?

-What are your long term plans?

-What are your views on discipline? This can be very important, let your Nanny know your parenting style and how you feel about discipline so that there is no misunderstanding.

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