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Useful ways to use Baking Soda around your home.

Baking soda is another very useful ingredient you most likely have at hand in your kitchen. We use it fo upset tummies, to bake and to clean, and my daughter has experimented with baking soda in a teeth whitener. It’s good together with vinegar for everything except tummy aches where they should be kept apart since when combined they have a bit of a volcano effect. Unlike vinegar baking soda is safe to combine with bleach if you usually use it.

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Cleaning with Vinegar, not only for Hippies like me :)

In our family we like to find natural ways to clean both ourselves and our home. My daughter and I like to experiment with different recipes for body scrubs and we use a lot of essential oils for different things from insect repellent to sinus decongestants. So when it comes to cleaning the home, we try to find natural solutions whenever we can, both because it is good for the environment, but also because it is good for us, and it’s so much less expensive than buying detergents.

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