//Amazing Mothers Kiki Karlsson

Amazing Mothers Kiki Karlsson

This week I talk to my friend Kiki. She is a mother of two, three and a half and one and a half old girls and what I love about this episode is that it is all present. Kiki is right in it, this is for all the moms with small children who are juggling the day to day, mothering around the clock. 

We talk about how hard it is to ask for help, and we talk about all the things that are present when mothering small kids. 

Kiki and I have been trying to schedule this call for a while, we managed to find a time when her daughter was sleeping, Kiki literally called me from her parked car with her napping daughter next to her to do this episode. I am so thankful for her.

I loved doing this episode and I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

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