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Afraid of exercising during pregnancy? Think again.

Are you one of the moms who think that exercising during pregnancy is a bad idea? If you are a low risk pregnancy and your midwife has given you the go ahead to exercise, then not only is it safe to do so during pregnancy but it brings with it a whole lot of benefits for both you and your baby, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Moms who exercise during pregnancy have shorter labor and easier births. They also have babies with better scores on the apgar scale. Exercising moms have babies that are more fit too, as you stay strong and active you are delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your baby along with how good it is for your baby when you are happy, a direct result of the endorphins released in your body when exercising. 

It is so easy to feel vulnerable and worried during pregnancy. I get it, I did too. But if you are not at risk and have been cleared to move, then it will benefit you so much, and you will feel so much better in all kinds of ways when you do. When I first wrote the first version of the Mamatoto Pregnancy and Birth course I interviewed Lizanne Pastore, a physical therapist working with pregnant women in San Francisco. She said something that has stayed with me. She said “you shouldn’t be afraid to exercise during pregnancy, you should be afraid not to exercise during pregnancy.” 

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As parents, we need to be in the best shape we can, we need to be as strong as we can be so that we have the energy and ability to keep up with our kids and do all the things we want to do with them. Taking care of you is also taking care of them. I often talk about the ripple effect of good habits, and exercise is no exception. When you are strong during pregnancy you will have an easier time in labor, recovery and motherhood. When you are strong after pregnancy you will enjoy running around with your kids so much more because it won’t be hard and you won’t be nearly as tired as if you don’t exercise. 

Make sure you move your body in some way every day. Some days you might do cardio, others strength training, other days yoga. Give yourself and your family the gift of taking care of yourself and everyone will benefit from it.

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