A yoga mat I love

It’s no secret that I love yoga and I practiced a lot through my pregnancies. It is such a wonderful way to move, take care of yourself and to stay strong when taking care of your kids.

I have a home practice most of the time, I like to have the flexibility to do yoga when it suits me, so most of the time I do it at home. But whether you go to a studio or practice at home it’s nice to have your own mat. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and don’t like sharing mats with strangers.

Most of my props come from Gaiam. They make great quality props at good prices. I have blocks that I have had for over ten years and have been used a lot, and they look as good as new (except for drawings my kids have done on them :)).

This yoga mat is a mat that I really like and recommend to my clients, it’s thick and is nice and grippy so you don’t slip but can go deeper into your poses without slipping on your mat. It’s a great part of your home or studio yoga kit 🙂

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